"I decided to take Yoga up to help correct my posture and ease back pain as the type of job I do involves heavy lifting. I have been attending a Physiotherapist and he sees a great improvement in me. I must admit, I wasn't sure of Yoga but now I look forward to the  class. I find Ayeshah a very good teacher who is constantly reminding us that we must work at our own level. I really like that because I am a beginner showing improvement day by day"

Martin, Newarthill


"From an inquisitive base where benefits were unsure and practices were uncertain, we as a club have experienced a complete buy in from initially young players through to experienced full time pros. So much so, that we have a waiting list from players to attend the weekly classes provided by Ayeshah and Karen. The area where we have experienced the best results are in the injury prevention and recovery from high work load sessions, where focus has been on developing stronger core strength as well as advanced flexibility whilst providing a path towards greater mental strength through increased concentration. Gordon says that he had an initial sense from the boys at first of "what's he come up with now" to a genuine appreciation of the discipline where they're now in the gym waiting for the class to start "

Gordon Young, Head of Youth Development -Motherwell Football Club


"I have been going to the gym for one and a half years but after just six weeks combining it with Yoga, I have lost one inch off each thigh!"

Liz, Wishaw


"Yoga is my time out from a hectic lifestyle of work and kids. It helps me to focus on myself, my breath and my own practice. Two years ago I underwent back surgery and couldn't even put my own socks on. Now my flexibility and strength has benefited so much so that I'm pain free and can reach my own toes! Guys who think Yoga is 'for girls' should go try it out and see how their muscles feel the next day"

Colin, Motherwell


"I find the yoga class is very good physically and mentally for me. I can feel my body getting a good workout at the same time feel relaxed. I can see a difference time after time in my capabilities in poses and stretches and a difference in my fitness levels as I begin to adapt more to Yoga. I love the fact the classes are different every time and Ayeshah is very clear in what she would like you to do and is always explaining to take things at your own level. I always wanted to, but didn't think I would be able to do Yoga. I really enjoy the class"

Kim, Motherwell