Akasha School of Yoga

Our intention is to provide students with a holistic practice that brings the body, mind and soul into alignment. We aim to create a warm, inviting, friendly, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere that allows students to feel comfortable enough to move from one state of consciousness to another, to feel their bodies, minds and souls unite as one.


We recognise in our classes that we are all unique and also have different needs. We encourage each individual to work at their own level and encourage people to leave their "egos" at the door. We want the environment in class to be as relaxed as possible, students will be encouraged to focus inwards with their own practice and no one elses, we actively promote a practice of non competitiveness and non judgement of yourself and others, the focus is very much on the individual and their needs. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to have a nourishing, relaxing and enriching experience.


The type of Yoga we teach is Hatha Yoga, which has a seasonal element to it, which means our classes are working with the energies and wonderful qualities each season brings. 


All classes are suitable for everyone, no matter what age you are or what your fitness level may be.


For further info, contact info@akasha.org.uk or tel 07538138322


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